Eye Hate Capitalism T-Shirt

Eye Hate Capitalism T-Shirt


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Are you tired of rich posers who pretend to make art? Are you sick of hearing about how 1 millions people watched something, when you know full well that 989,992 of those people have bad taste, and they don't read books? DO YOU HATE CAPITALISM AS MUCH AS EYE DO?! 

Well, then we have something for you. This one is sure to piss off posers who have no identity when the electricity goes out. And it's a definite middle finger to any vapid and myopic youtube sensation you might cross paths with. And you know you're gonna catch flack from all the false feminists and over-eager racializers with the Oprah ditty. But perhaps most brazen of all, is your wanton desire to publicly flaunt a sentiment that posits Kanye West as anything less than a genius. Koons, whatever man, he's forgettable, nobody is getting offended over a Koons slight.

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