Creative League 1 Year Membership

Creative League 1 Year Membership

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Welcome to Creative League, the culture institution for culture people by culture people. Your 1 year membership gets you all the tools you need to create collages (1 large scissor, 1 small scissor, 1 Excel Blades K18 precision knife, 1 8.5x11" cutting mat, 1 burnisher, 6 storage bags). Just add glue, and you're ready to go. You'll also get 1 Creative League patch, and 1 Creative League pin which are available to members only, so you'll always know a Leaguer when you see one!

If you need a little help or inspiration then just head for the Leaguer's Entrance. Once you enter your member password you'll be able to access instructional videos on collaging, a message board, a library of artists, tools, and concepts, and contact information for other League members.

Once you've got some great art make use of our production resources. You can print high quality archival giclée prints that we'll ship to you in small batches, with poly sleeves, at the absolute lowest cost possible. All you have to do is sign them, package them, and ship them out to your fans. You can also print t-shirts, and tote bags with no minimums using our direct-to-garment fulfillment partner. (Log in to the Leaguer Center for the full range of production services we offer).

And of course you'll be featured in the member directory. The directory is a publicly accessible list of artists organized by location, and medium. Your listing will show you, your workspace or your tools, and a recent piece of work that you're proud of! And, in addition to the publicly accessible directory, members will have access to a private list of contacts to be able to reach out to each other.

There's nothing too complicated about it, but this simple means of organizing and displaying people in one place is the first step to creating the ideal culture of the future. Feel free to contact us for more info, or sign up and log in to start learning, exploring, and creating!

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