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What is Creative League?

Creative League is a club for artists, people with creative aspirations, and people who seek out creative culture. We offer a productive set of limits in a world of endless possibilities. If you're like us, endless choices make you feel more crippled than empowered. Out there, everything is everything, and everything is nothing. But in here essence is preserved and revered, and the uniqueness of our peculiar nature resonates. Creative League is the harbinger of the people's future, signaling that tangible culture endures in unique configurations that recognize difference and prioritize equality.

We are calling from the future. This is our first communique, and we invite you to something glorious and liberated.


Creative League grew out of the natural evolution of Tiffany Moldof's extensive background in production, design, and art, and Zach Moldof's extensive background in branding, journalism, tech, and art. We don't want to be a "brand" and we don't want to do seasonal collections, and we don't want to comply with any of capitalism's demands. In fact we have a list of demands on the part of culture, and we refuse to budge. We insist on turning capitalism into a vehicle for the empowerment of citizens, and we insist on using the middleman's own tactics against him. We will remove the middleman. First from your art, and then from your home, your groceries and the rest of your life. All we have to do is work together. And your reward? Well, if the middleman is banished from your life, then all your money is worth twice as much. It's people over profits till we die or we build something better. It's time people, it's time.


How does Creative League work?

Creative League is a club with annual membership that is open to the public. We provide a publicly accessible website for the promotion, contextualization, and cataloging of arts and culture. On our website you can find a directory of our members that is organized by location, and medium. We also host various events, all of which are set up to allow anyone who attends to participate. We're about inclusion. And while we focus on members, we work with people regardless of whether or not they're in our club.

Our members have access to a private portion of the website that includes: a message board, a shop with discounted member pricing on Twin Beast goods, contact info for other members, printing and production services at the lowest cost possible, and more. If you're a fan of Society6, or Red Bubble we have an alternative that's more dignified than shower curtains. And you'll earn about 5-10 times what you'd make selling with one of these artist exploiter companies run by a ticketmaster ceo.

CL Hands 4 inch.png


What happens once I sign up for Creative League?


When you sign up for Creative League you'll register your official email with us. This is the email that will be used for all communications from Creative League, and it will be how we identify your account. You'll receive an email from us with a brief questionnaire, and requests for images. Once you respond with this info you'll be added to the directory, you'll be given your password for the Leaguers' Entrance, and your welcome pack will ship out. Please allow up to 1 week for processing. Once you're in it's on.

Tools To Make Art

Inside the welcome pack you'll find: 

  1. Creative League patch, available to members only. 
  2. Creative League pin, available to members only.
  3. Large Scissors. 
  4. Small Scissors. 
  5. Excel Blades K18 precision Knife. 
  6. Cutting Mat (8.5x11"). 
  7. Burnisher.
  8. Storage Baggies for cut pieces. All you gotta do is add glue and paper.

Production Resources

All members can print (all at the lowest cost possible):

  1. A run of 10 13x19" archival quality Giclée Prints with poly sleeves 
  2. An unlimited amount of on demand T-shirts that are 100% made in LA using Everybody.World's trash tee. 
  3. An unlimited amount of on demand Tote Bags.

At least twice a year members can submit their work to be considered for an artist monograph through Twin Beast. You supply the files and content, and we'll lay out your book, assist with copy and keep it for sale in our shop for at least a year. And of course, you'll be able to get unlimited copies of your book at the lowest cost possible.

Inside Track

Creative League members receive special consideration for work opportunities from Twin Beast, as well as our partners and homies. If you're looking for jobs we want to help you get them.  We'll work with you to help you ensure that you're presenting yourself in the best capacity, and we'll always do whatever we can to help you along the way. We want you to keep doing it, so hit us up if you ever need help. 

All members have access to the Leaguer Shop,  where they can purchase Twin Beast goods at discounted prices, and get special offers from our homies, and incredible rarities that we accumulate on our travels.

All member have unlimited access to the Reference Library where we index information on creatives, famous works of art, cultural movements, tools, food, and good social behaviors.

Later this year we will launch a public marketplace where we will sell select items from members producing standout work.

Need help with something that we didn't think of? Holler.


Click here to join Creative League

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