Twin Beast



Tiffany Ruiz is the Twin. She is a native Angeleno, she is Mexican, and she is an artist. Tiff works as a designer director, and occasionally freelances as a creative director. She loves good coffee with good breakfast, reading the right book at the right time, and making stuff with Zach. 

Tiff and zach photo.jpg


Zachary Moldof is the Beast. He is a South Floridian, he is Jewish, and he is an artist. He works as a creative director, freelance journalist, and occasionally a graphic artist. He loves clean hash with cold seltzer, hearing the right beat at the right volume, and making stuff with Tiff.


Twin Beast is the catch-all creative endeavor of Tiffany Ruiz, and Zach Moldof. We are partners who believe in magic, all kinds of magic. We are blessed to have one another, each reminding the other to look up when things go down, and each inspiring the other to do more when things go great. Twin Beast is our way to share what we do while creating a platform that promotes the changes we want to see around us.