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Hi. Twin Beast is the creative adventures and endeavors of Tiffany and Zach Moldof. We keep our eyes fresh, and our ears open as much as we can. Tiffany is a a born-and-raised Angeleno, and Zach is from Broward County, but his travels took him to Central Florida, New York, Humboldt, The Bay Area, and Las Vegas before Los Angeles. 

We really like working together, and we like keeping ourselves busy with a good mix of things. Tiffany's background is in fashion design, and Zach's background is in digital marketing and journalism, but we're both creative people who have spent our lives taking risks, working hard, and laughing about a lot of mistakes.

Today we try to use our knowledge and expertise to create ways for other creatives to participate in culture in meaningful ways. We think an art opening is a great way to get people together, but we think art galleries shouldn't be used to deify individuals, instead they should be used to provide fractured groups of creative individuals with spaces to share and create.