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Inside Eye: Portland

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In early March we took a trip to Portland to visit some friends. It's a short flight from LA, and in LA you're never far from hearing about someone's trip to Portland around. In recent years Portland has certainly garnered itself a reputation. But as we learned, that reputation is predictably skewed. To be short, Portland catches a bad rap for some eccentric personality types. However, in our experience, the locals of Portland were grounded, friendly, and realistic. While Portland may not offer the seemingly-resplendent heights of cosmopolitan acclaim that so many people thirst for, this almost-coastal hamlet offers a realistic take on small business and sustainable agriculture.  Check our map and guide for a list of places–mostly restaurants–where we had a good time and met rad people. 

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What's in a name? Everything if you know how to read, and even more if you know how to read between the lines. EVERYBODY.WORLD was started by Carolina Crespo and Iris Alonzo after they left American Apparel–where they both played integral roles in creating the brand that made such a big impact on our lives throughout the 00's. Now with their own company they're taking what worked about American Apparel, and changing what didn't. EVERYBODY works with local manufacturers in Los Angeles, and they've negotiated a robust production infrastructure that pays people fair wages, and minimizes environmental impacts.

We get tote bags and t-shirts from EVERYBODY. The fabric of the t-shirts is made from a fiber that is spun from paper manufacturing refuse. The appropriately-named "trash tee" is a consumer product that makes a positive impact on the world. If you're an artist you're in the business of thinking deeper than the average citizen. As a Creative League member you don't have to worry about the potentially-detrimental implications of earning money with t-shirts. If you print a t-shirt with society6 you are probably contributing to bad capitalism, sweatshop labor, the oppression of women, and the abuse of peoples of foreign nations. Every t-shirt that you make with us funds a woman-owned company, that does business with manufacturers who uphold an obligation to protect the environment and treat their employees fairly. Thanks to our partnership with EVERYBODY we are able to plug our Leaguers into the end point of a supply chain that is changing the world. When you sell a t-shirt that you make with us, you're giving people an opportunity to stand behind a new vision for capitalism.

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What's not in a name? Everything if you know anything about Takabridge. Ken and Yoshi are the proud owners of one of the world's most unassuming websites. That's because they're so busy that they're not worried about getting work. But in spite of being two of the busiest  people in LA, Ken and Yoshi are also alarmingly charming individuals who never seem busy when you're talking to them. Considering that they got their start producing goods for the early reigning champs of streetwear, these guys could have a very different disposition, but it's obvious what their priorities are.

Ken and Yoshi are two down-to-earth guys who are trying to run a fair and profitable business that gives them the ability to spend time with their families and enjoy life. They're not rich guys who sank some excess cash into a printing business that sends them a check every 4 months. Combining EVERYBODY's shirts and totes, with Takabridge's printing services allows us to offer goods that are 100% Made In The USA, and 97.5-100% Made In LA. So, when you use your Creative League membership to produce goods that you sell, you can rest easy knowing that you're only giving money to good people, you're funding small businesses, and you're not compromising your values just to be able to make some dollars and sell some impermanent objects.



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